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The Africa Trade Show

Largest Africa Trade Show In Northern California

September 2-4, 2016 | Sat 9-7pm, Sun 1-5pm

Africa Trade Show Foundation will be hosting its inaugural 3-day Trade and Investment Forum, the Africa Trade Show September 2-4, 2016 at Cal-Expo Fairgrounds, Sacramento, California (USA). Sacramento is not only the State Capital of California it is also home to businesses in the fields of Agriculture and Food Production, Education, Sustainable Energy Research, Import and Export , the Health Care Industry, Tourism, Cultural Diversity and so much more.


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About the Africa Trade Show Foundation

Our Mission

The Africa Trade Show Foundation (ATS Foundation) is a newly created non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the exchange of information, research, expertize and to encourage new business development and relationships.

How Do We Work?

The ATS Foundation provides forums and opportunities to bring together educational leaders, researchers, government officials, NGOs, business leaders and professionals from prominent organizations based in Sub-Sahara Africa and the United States.


The overarching goal of the ATS Foundation is to inspire a new generation of people to engage in trade, the exchange of scientific knowledge and business development opportunities with the emerging nations of the Sub-Sahara African continent.

The ATS Foundation encourages industry and business development that utilizes sustainable clean energy resources and we promote global solutions to international problems recognizing we are all economically interdependent and responsible to current and future generations.

Africa Trade Show

The ATS Foundation will be sponsoring its inaugural 3-day trade and investment forum, the Africa Trade Show in September 2-4, 2016 at the State’s fair grounds at Cal-Expo, Sacramento, CA. This event which will be held in the capital of California, Sacramento home to business in the fields of Agriculture and Food Production, Sustainable Energy Research, Education, Import and Export Resources, the Health Care Industry, Tourism and Cultural Diversity and so much more. This unique event will offer meaningful opportunities geared toward small and medium-sized businesses, and African Diaspora-owned businesses in the U.S. The Africa Trade Show will provide a venue to network business to business to discuss trade and investments with the emerging nations of Sub-Sahara Africa.

We are excited to organize this event and look forward to your participation as a sponsor, exhibitor, delegate, speaker, vendor or entertainer. Please visit our website or social media pages for updates. As a partner, your organization will benefit from extended exposure and visibility through global media campaigns and promotional efforts.

Policy Forum Speakers

Robert L. Satcher, Jr., MD, PH.D
Former NASA Astronaut
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Michael Wilkes M.D. Ph.D
Dir. of Global Health
UC Davis
Rahim Reed JD, MSW, MPA
Assoc Executive Vice Chancellor, UC Davis
Tyler LeBaron
Molecular Hydrogen Foundation Institute
Ben Berry
Airship Technologies

Corporate Sponsorship

Policy Forum Speakers

Friday, September 2nd

Ben Berry
CEO Airship Technologies

Ben Berry is a strategic aerospace manufacturer and has led technology for large-scale organizations with diverse missions. He is the Aviation Entrepreneurial CEO and Chief Digital Officer for AirShip Technologies Group’s AirShip Endurance VTOL UAS and AirScape intelligence-as-a-service. He has held various senior leadership technology positions serving the Royal Saudi Air Force, Kingdom of Saudi Arabian International Airports, and Hughes Aircraft Company – Los Angeles. He is a Board of Director at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.

He is the previous Chief Technology Officer for the City of Portland where he provided leadership for enterprise computing, analysis, design and deployment of computer applications, mobile and wireless computing services for public safety 1st Responders (police, fire, emergency communications, emergency management), and other end user support.

Previously, he served as Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Chief Information Officer providing overall leadership, planning, development and delivery of information technology services for ODOT and several other non-transportation organizations. As CIO for the second largest state agency in Oregon, Mr. Berry was responsible for systems supporting highways, bridges, rail service, right-of-way determinations, DMV and Motor Carrier commercial trucking inspections and licensing throughout the state.

Berry is the former Regional Chief Technology Officer of Providence Health System Oregon, supporting a service area of eight hospitals and 33 clinics. He has held executive and management positions in sectors such as state and local government, healthcare, telecommunications, aerospace/defense and airport transportation. Berry received his M.B.A. from UCLA, a B.S. in Life Science--Biotechnology from the University of Portland.

Mr. Berry currently serves on the following Boards:

  • Central City Concern (4yrs.)
  • University of Portland, School of Business – Operations and Technology Management (7yrs.)
  • Oregon State University, School of Business – Business Information Systems (7yrs.)
  • Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum (3yrs.)
  • iUrban Teen Technology (5yrs.)
Tyler LeBaron
Molecular Hydrogen Foundation Institute

Tyler LeBaron is the Founder and Executive Director of Molecular Hydrogen Foundation/Institute. He is also a director of the International Molecular Hydrogen Association. He has a degree in Biochemistry and was a 1-year Adjunct Instructor of Physiology, and also Interned at Nagoya University in the department of Neurogenetics to research the molecular mechanisms of hydrogen gas on cell signaling pathways. He speaks at Medical conferences for doctors CMEs and also at a number of academic biomedical hydrogen symposium and conferences around the World.

Quote from Tyler: While hydrogen’s antioxidant effects have been the primary focus of hundreds of studies since the 2007 Nature Medicine publication, I’m more intrigued by the studies suggesting that hydrogen regulates various signal transduction pathways.

Saturday, September 3rd

Robert L. Satcher, Jr., MD, PH.D
Former NASA Astronaut, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Recognized for his varied career interests and notable successes, from his training as a chemical engineer, to his practice as an orthopedic surgeon in oncology, and service as a mission specialist astronaut for NASA.

Dr. Satcher earned his BS and PhD degrees in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his medical degree from Harvard Medical School in 1994. His postgraduate training included postdoctoral research fellowships at the University of California (Berkeley and San Francisco); a residency in orthopedic surgery, also at the University of California San Francisco; as well as an orthopedic oncology fellowship at the University of Florida, Gainesville.

Robert E. Stockton Joseph
Founder, Hydrogen Technologies Inc.

Robert "Edward" Joseph Stockton is the founder of Hydrogen Technologies Inc. (HTI) which he started developing in 2005. He is a patent holder to the Dynamic Combustion Chamber TM. He has over 28 years of coal, gas, solar, wind, geothermal and hydrogen power plant experience. He started developing the HTI technologies in 2005 after leaving several national energy companies that he worked for since 1987.

Mr. Stockton is an inventor with expertise that includes equipment design, startup, operations, maintenance, permitting and environmental compliance, due-diligence and acquisitions, government relations, and regulation promulgation. Mr. Stockton received a BS in Biochemistry from San Francisco State University.

Attorney Charles Bonner
Bonergies Global Charitable Fund

Attorney Charles Bonner is a long-time civil rights attorney, came originally from Selma, Alabama and now resides in Sausalito, CA. He has been a self-reliant social entrepreneur for more than 31 years. In addition to major real estate developments, he has been a successful restaurateur and owns an entertainment company. He is also the author of a ground-breaking novel, The Bracelet, The Story to End Child Sex Slavery in the World. Mr. Bonner lived in Tanzania for some time, from August 1971 until November 1972. Having obtained a Certificate of Fluency from the Tanzanian Government, he fluently speaks Kiswahili, the official language of Tanzania and dominant language in all of East Africa. His daughter Bahati (Kiswahili for Fortunate) was born in the thriving port city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The United Republic of Tanzania was the natural choice for this venture.

Rahim Reed JD, MSW, MPA
University of California, Davis, Associate Executive Vice Chancellor

Rahim Reed has more than 34 yrs of experience in administration, student affairs and affirmative action policy development at five major universities. He has served as the Associate Executive Vice Chancellor for Campus Community Relations at UC Davis since 2001. From 1998-2001, he served as the Director of the Center for the Study of Race & Race Relations at the University of Florida. He was one of the founding members of the Center, which is an interdisciplinary institution that promotes research and development of public policy in the areas of race relations, interracial dispute resolution, diversity education and training, racial equality and community relations. Prior to becoming director of the Center, he served as the Assistant Dean for Student & Minority Affairs at the University of Florida College of Law from 1988 to 1998. Rahim also served as Assistant Dean in the Office of Afro-American Affairs at the university of Virginia from 1986 to 1988 and has taught and held positions as a Teacher/Counselor at the University of Pittsburgh and at Rutgers University Law School. Rahim received his Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Black Studies from the University of Pittsburgh in 1977. He also holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh. He completed his legal studies in 1986 and holds a Juris Doctorate Degree from Rutgers University School of Law. He is an active member of several national organizations including the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) and the Commision on Access, Diversity & Excellence (CADE) of the Association of Public Land-Grant Universities, the Global STEM Leadership Alliance (GSLA) and is the current President of the Africa Trade Show Foundation.

Michael Wilkes M.D. Ph.D
University of California, Davis, Director of Global Health

Michael Wilkes is widely known for his efforts to introduce medical students to the humanistic side of being a physician, and for working tirelessly to include the public health and social sciences as part of training physicians. During his tenure as Vice Dean of the Medical School he lead the way toward enormous changes in medical education at UC Davis including the rural prime program, the college system of mentoring, a new education building, and a dramatic shift away from lectures toward small group and interactive learning. Wilkes introduced UC Davis' "Doctoring" curriculum, a series of classes and seminars for all four years of medical school. Topics within the curriculum include doctor-patient communication, clinical reasoning and end-of-life care, to name but a few.

Dr. Wilkes has extensive experience in the development, management, and evaluation of eLearning technologies. In his current capacity as Director of Global Health he works locally with the UC Davis Vet and Nursing faculty and with medical and health sciences schools around the world as they seek to train the most capable health providers to address local health needs. He serves as a reviewer for many medical publications. He is the Director of the UC Davis Adolescent Clinic.

Charles Narh (DCM, FBDO, OT)
Founder, Help Is On The Way Ministries

Help Is On The Way Ministries was formed in December 2003. It is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. The members of the organization provide physical, spiritual, infrastructure, and financial help to developing areas in the world. One of our current projects is a village development program to supply potable water for thousands of people in the village of Likpe-Abrani in Ghana, West Africa.

We provide financial support to single mothers and evangelical services through speaking engagements and faith-based counseling. The ministry also provides eye care, vocation training / scholarships, and village improvements. While we are a Christian faith-based organization, there is no religious criterion for those receiving our aid.

Roger Morgan
Chairman/Founder, Steelheart International LLC

Roger Morgan, Chairman/Founder, Steelheart International LLC, engaged in international business development with a focus on providing safe housing, food security and elevated levels of income in developing countries. Morgan has been an entrepreneur and businessman in California for 37 years. Formerly, he was VP of Volvo of America/CEO of Volvo Penta of America where he designed, implemented and controlled the business plan leading to growth from $5 to $55 million in 5 years, and increased market share from 6 to 22% of the US market for Volvo Penta products. Prior to Volvo he was engaged in sales, marketing and dealer administration with Caterpillar, residing in Geneva, Madrid and Athens for 7 years, heavily engaged in international finance. Upon return to headquarters he supervised the sales training program for Caterpillar. He has a BA of Business from Colorado College (1963) and BA of Foreign Trade from The Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management (1964).

Main Stage The Cove

Friday, September 2nd

9:00 am
International Prayer Breakfast

The Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento is inviting guests to join them in collaboration with other religious communities at the Prayer Breakfast. One of the most effective ways of reaching a community and penetrating its leadership with positive proclamations of the Good News.

1:00 pm
Women Entrepreneurs Forum

The Africa Trade Show will host a celebration of women entrepreneurial spirit globally. Entrepreneurs are invited to network with panelists that will share their insight and experiences in achieving success within their chosen industry. A question and answer segment will follow dealing with key root issues challenging women today.

Entertainment – Guest Speakers

Women of Republic Kenya
Njeri Thubei

Njeri has decades of experience in nonprofit organizational leadership, with a strong background in international relations and sustainable community development. She is known for her ability to build teams and empower collaborations. She is passionate about sustainable global empowerment and grateful to be part of such a direct and effective key to change. She founded Upendo Women’s Foundation (UWF) in April 2013, due to her own personal journey and experience of what she had to go through while growing up. She feels privileged to serve with the amazing supporters of Upendo Women’s Foundation.
Njeri Thubei, Founder
Upendo Women’s Foundation

Carolyne Njogu

Carolyne Njogu has a passion for healthy transformation in individuals, organizations and the world. As a certified coach, consultant, speaker and lifestyle entrepreneur, her goal is to show professionals and others how to create and cultivate a winning state of mind so they can win in their career, business and life. Empowering themselves to live the life they truly want without stress or going broke. She serves as an advisory board member for Cheza Nami Foundation, a Tri-Valley based non- profit committed to leading cultural diversity in communities in theBay Area,CA. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from San Francisco State University, and has over 15 years of experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.
Certified Life Coach and Consultant
VFP Strategies, LLC

Julie Koinange-ngigi

An accomplished lawyer and advocate of the High Court of Kenya. Julie is also a Certified Public Secretary with over 20 years experience in the field of Human Rights. She has worked with FIDA (Spanish acronym International Federation of Women Lawyers) which actively supported women economic self empowerment through advocacy to repeal laws that discriminate against women especially as regards succession, divorce, child custody issues and disempowerment as a result of domestic and gender based violence. She has also worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in support of refugee rights.

Julie is currently engaged in organizing for a more just international black tea trade order and sustainable agri- eco tourism for Tea farmers in Kenya.

Julie is a law graduate of the prestigious University of Wales, Aberystwyth, United Kingdom.

Tea production in Kenya prior to independence in 1963 was a segregated cash crop restricted to the European settlers. Indigenous Africans were expressly forbidden by law from growing tea or coffee as a cash crop. The punishment for doing so was imprisonment. The economic policy behind these racial laws was to ensure that Africans remained as a source of cheap labor for the white settler community. Ironically, while the racial laws on production and growing of tea has changed, the global black tea trade continues to render Africans at the bottom 5% of the profit food chain with the rest being gobbled up by western multinationals. The ATS opens up an opportunity to change this for the Limuru mixed tea farmers in Kenya.

Sacramento African American Nonprofit Coalition
Pleshette Robertson

Pleshette Robertson has a history of distinguished service to the Sacramento region, having founded the Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation in 2003 to develop and implement programs that educate, empower and train young adults and women of color. The Hub’s programs have included the annual Exceptional Women of Color Conference (EWOC), the Hub Choice Awards Show, and the Black Physicians Forum (BPF). Both the EWOC and BPF events offer scholarships to young people of color and professional development opportunities for area youth and young adults.

Shonna McDaniels

Shonna McDaniels is the founder of the Sojourner Truth Art Museum established in 1996. In addition to her Executive Director duties, she is also a professional artist, teacher, muralist and community activist. Prior to 1996, McDaniels was one of the co-founders and artists of the Visual Arts Development Project, teaching art classes, conducting workshops and organizing art exhibits throughout the Oak Park and Del Paso communities.

Though the museum is based in South Sacramento, it’s legacy throughout the Sacramento region is renowned to grass roots organizations, professional artists, politicians and the business community. McDaniels’ contributions have been recognized by Council members Lauren Hammond, Bonnie Pannell, Larry Carr, as well as Mayor Kevin Johnson, Congresswoman Doris Matsui, and Governor Arnold schwarzenegger. The museum programs are dedicated to creativity and social change within the context of an evolving, healthy community.
Founder and Executive Director Sojourner Truth Museum of Art

Artist Line Up


Fondly known as the girl with the African thumb piano (mbira instrument), she has been wowing American, and Zimbabwean audiences with her reverberating soulful voice, interlaced with catchy, genre fusing melodies and exotically mystifying sounds. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, she was exposed to the musical colors of multicultural Southern Africa and gospel influence. She joined the church choir at the age of 10 and wrote and performed her first song at age of 13 while in junior high school. At 19 she left medical school in her native land to became a biologist In the US.

The pull for music proved far too great during her studies. As she puts it “Music is the sum total of my very existence and every action I make manifests in music—the rhythm of my life.” During & after her college years she trained as a jazz vocalist at the Jazz School of Berkeley, with world renowned vocalists and instructors such as Vernon Bush, Raz Kennedy, Maye Cavallaro & Frankye Kelly. Piwai went under the tutelage of maestros & renowned percussionists, Yagbe Onilu and conguero, Butch Haynes.

Karega Bailey

Karega Bailey, a native of Sacramento, California is a successful product of collective contributions from the Sacramento community. Mentoring services of The 100 Black Men of America, Inc. and the family services offered by the Center for Fathers & Families provided Karega with the support and direction needed to succeed amidst the socio economic stressors. Never forgetting the message of giving in his community, Karega has chosen to make education his career. Karega is a graduate of Hampton University, Teach for America Alum, and he also acquired his Master of Education (M.Ed.) - Special Education at George Mason University. He is an award winning teacher, including Teacher of the year at the Shadd Transition Academy where he taught the emotionally disturbed population of High School Special Education.

After teaching 9th Grade Special Education in Washington D.C, with Teach for America, at 25, Karega became the youngest Dean in the history of Maya Angelou Public Charter School. As an educator, Mr. Bailey emphasizes the importance of quality parenting and mentoring as it relates to reinforcing a positive self image for students and academic achievement.

Trina Brigham

Ms. Brigham is a native Visitacion Valley in San Francisco. She graduated from Las Flores Continuation School in Sacramento, California. Self-Discovery | At the age of twelve, Trina was inspired by her middle school teacher who took interest in her writings and encouraged her to fulfill her potential. This positive reinforcement had a life-changing impact on her. Trina began writing personal poems for family and peers who further motivated her to enhance her writing skills and develop her craft by taking poetry workshop classes at San Francisco City College.

The Journey | Trina has her work published in books and featured in several newspapers. She is the author of a self-published book entitled, A Sister, A poet, A Spiritual Spoken Word (2013). In addition, her work has been featured in the following publications: Poor Magazine - March 2012 The San Francisco Guardian - March 2012 and The SF Bay View - March 2012


Othelia Joy Show
All New Episodes

Film/Television and Movies

Film City

Film City, LLC (FCLLC) is an entertainment consulting firm and film permitting agency. We offer governments specialized knowledge and expertise on how to attract movie production, increase income, and establish or improve resident relations around entertainment. Our approach is to consult your city to become a film friendly environment, then develop a screen tourism platform capitalizing on the film and television production.

This results in a unified and collaborative approach between government, entertainment industry and community, greatly benefiting the economic impact of your city. There is no other company with our specifications.

Community Stage

Donna Barlow ”Frisko Kid” (Singer/Songwriter)

Donna Barlow ”Frisko Kid” (Singer/Songwriter) is a San Francisco native, born to musical parents. Donna’s vocalizing interest grew as the teenage years approached. She had the idea of preparing for a singing career in high school. 1983 Donna taught Spanish I & II at a private school during the 1996-1997 school year with opportunities to sing. In 1998, during her short-lived residency in Sacramento, Ca, Donna had the privilege of being part of the Huie D. Lovelady and Unity Community Choir in North Highlands, Ca. Timothy Christian Riley (of Tony Toni Tone) and Ivan Johnson were among the accompanying musicians. Homeless in the rainy season of 2006, for one and a half months, Donna slept in her car. Her car was soon totaled in an accident. She wrote a song about it on her first album, "Bucket of Bolts“ Donna Devette Barlow ..... Singer/Songwriter Her Debut Album released March 22, 2012. Ladies & Gentlewomen EP released November 15, 2015 3rd project started January 2016.

Jazz Quad Stage

Friday, September 2nd


Shawn “The Saxual One” Raiford, is one of the most appreciated musical talents currently rising in the Sacramento area music scene. Either playing alone or with his band, “Saxual Chocolate”, Raiford’s engaging ability on the alto saxophone combines his enthusiasm, showmanship, and capacity to entertain with just the right combination of popular hits and original music.

From the outset of his musical career in 1999, when Raiford first picked up the saxophone for his late grandmother’s 75th year church anniversary, he learned the art of playing before discerning audiences that appreciate live music. Since then Raiford has worked tirelessly to perfect his crystal clear sound and develop the gift of music that lay dormant within him until it was awakened as a young adult.

Kids / Youth Community Stage

Dex Davis “Child Of God””

Dex Davis is NOT a Wizard! He’s NOT an Alien! He’s NOT a Secret Agent and He’s NOT a 200 year-old Kung Fu Master. He’s just a regular 11-year old kid who lives in a typical, regular neighborhood in a typical, regular city. There’s one very special quality that makes him different. Dex Davis is a born-again Christian! “He’s saved, he’s sanctified and he’s filled with the Holy Ghost!” It’s not WHAT Dex is, but rather WHO IS LIVING INSIDE of him that makes him so special (1 John 4:4, St. John 15:17-23)

Dex Davis is truly a “Child of God!” is a 30-minute Christian animated series for kids...about a regular kid. Along with his friends, (the little firecracker, quick-to-speak KISHA; the shy, chubby JIMMY; and the cool, skater-kid ADAM) Dex learns how to handle the real, everyday issues of growing up in a real world from a real Christian kid’s point-of-view.

He’s still learning so he does make mistakes, but his dependency on the Word of God helps him to grow. In the end, Dex always comes around, face his fears, and conquer them...with help from Jesus and the Word of God. When conflict and crazy situations happen, Dex has to learn how to depend on the Word of God to give him direction on how to handle each situation.

Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum

The museum is named for Sojourner Truth who, although born a slave, worked tirelessly for abolition, women’s rights, non- violence, and civil and economic advancement of oppressed people. The museum gives homage to Mrs. Sojourner by expanding the historical & biographical knowledge of her life’s work and carrying on her mission by teaching, demonstrating and promoting projects that accentuate the ideals and principles for which she stood.

We offer resources to document, preserve and educate the public on the history, life and culture of African Americans. Our mission is to open minds and change lives through the exploration and celebration of African American history, experiences and culture through art education and outreach. Our vision is of a world in which the adversity and achievement of African American history inspire everyone toward a greater understanding of acceptance and unity!

The Sojourner Truth Multicultural Arts Development Center has been actively involved with youth and young adults in the South Sacramento area since 1996 when it developed numerous creative arts programs under the National Academic Youth Corps. Its purpose was to enable youth from culturally diverse backgrounds to stretch their minds and imaginations and to provide a safe environment that stimulates creativity, promotes healthy lifestyles, and develops social skills.

After obtaining a 501C non-profit status in 2002, Sojourner Truth Center has offered scores of no- or low-cost programs, workshops, and activities on site and out in the community to thousands of youth. The Center’s programs have positively affected the lives of its participants and the cultural environment of the community.

The Cultural Co-Op

The Culture C.O.-O.P. promotes understanding and respect for diversity/equity, cultural competency, literacy and a quality education for all. We accomplish our mission through a comprehensive approach which engages key partners who interface regularly with youth. Our approach is holistic, culturally relevant and intergenerational, using approaches and tools which are research based and incorporate the arts. We serve people of all ages and backgrounds and create new paradigms for how people see each other demonstrating and promoting projects that accentuate the ideals and principles for which she stood.

Sandy Holman is the founder and Director of The Culture C.O.-O.P., an organization developed in 1991 to assist those working with diversity and equity in education, business, and the community. Her 30+ years of experience as an educator, program coordinator, counselor, outreach consultant, prevention coordinator, diversity/ equity specialist, and author have given her a practitioner's insight, one that goes well beyond theoretical research, into the challenges communities and organizations face each day. Besides serving as a consultant to countless local and national organizations to meet the needs of diverse populations, Sandy has also committed herself to advocacy for children and education, and has presented to thousands of youth and adults on a variety of topics such as the achievement gap, early childhood education, literacy, resiliency, and character education. She particularly focuses on the importance of providing culturally relevant and responsive services and materials, as well as increasing cultural competency in educational and service oriented settings.